Happy New Year – Our Resolutions!

Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and are ready for the next term!

We have been thinking carefully about our goals for this year and what we would like to achieve/do. We wrote them down to keep us more accountable! Check out some of our resolutions…


Trip to Tatton Park!

Year 1 had a lovely day on their trip to Tatton Park. We were outside for most of the day but we wrapped up warm and had lots of fun. In the morning we saw lots of animals at the farm including some tiny piglets, we sang songs at the nativity scene, we met Santa who gave everyone a gift and had a lovely Christmas story in a cosy cottage by an open fire. Then after lunch we had a walk around the gardens and completed a Winter hunt in groups. We enjoyed getting lost in the maze and were all excited to finally find the middle.

What a great day!


Egg box maths

The children have been working really hard to learn their number bonds for all numbers up to 10. They have used the egg boxes and tens frames to develop their understanding of the number bonds. They could easily see how different numbers can be made. Can you see how they have made the numbers in the picture?


Year 1 were very excited to use the brand new Lego sets we have in school! They made a fairground swing that actually moved. They had to carefully build their models and use the iPads to create a simple code that would make them spin. They all worked really well together – well done.

A fairy came to visit!

On Tuesday morning something strange had happened in our classrooms. We found a letter from Bessie-Belle asking us to help her with her hearing!


Immediately we set to work writing some instructions for a fairy potion! Ask us what the ingredients were…

We made sure to set our instructions out properly and use different time words (first, next, then, finally) to sequence the steps. Check them out!




Anti-Bullying performance!

Today the children watched a special performance all about bullying as a celebration for all the work they have done with Miss Powell. The performance taught them about being kind to everyone and how people can get hurt by the things we say and do. It showed us what to do if this ever happens to us! It was lovely to see them sit beautifully and join in with the characters!


Come to our Reading Mornings on Tuesdays from 9-9:25

We have really enjoyed seeing parents come to our Reading Mornings on Tuesdays during the past few weeks. The children love having someone they know come into school to share stories and play games! Thank you to those who have been so far!

All are welcome from 9 – 9:25am on Tuesdays to join in with the fun! We hope to see you soon.


Autumn Hunt

We have been learning all about Autumn in school. We have thought about what you might see and what you might hear. We wrapped up and went on our own Autumn hunt to see what we could find for ourselves. We had lots of fun!

Half term homework – Phonics

Over the holidays we are not sending any homework in your child’s red book. Instead we have provided a 20 word practise phonics test for you to have a go with your child. Please see the covering letter for more information. We hope you have a lovely break and come back refreshed and ready for the final half term before Christmas!

The Year 1 Team x

Fun on Teddy bear day!

We had a lovely day on Teddy bear day! All our teddies joined in with the activities!

We had lots of fun painting bears in bear colours and we made a teddy bear collage – it was messy work!

We made teddy jam sandwiches for the picnic and followed the teachers instructions and then we even made a teddy bag to put our picnic in.




In the afternoon we went on a teddy bear hunt around the school and we learnt a teddy bear dance before we had our picnic!